There is little of interest here. There may be eventually. Until then, you'll have to wait.


I like to bike. I'm not very fast, but I do have quite a bit of time in the saddle under my belt (not to mix metaphors, or anything). To that regard, I've got a page related to my riding, which includes my "riding log." Not very sophisticated, but it works for now...


I play music. This means I have opinions on music. I also listen to music, which means I need equipment to play music on, and sometimes it needs fixing.

Other nonsense

For a bit of amusement, here's a post on Intelligent Design (Idiotic Design if you ask me: why do my knees keep getting sore!) which sums things up quite nicely.

In the meantime, here's a fun song I heard on NPR a while back. I just had to dig up the lyrics. I love ambiguity...

Useful computing stuff

Using tar over ssh to solve the scp compability problem between OpenSSH and comercial SSH. Check it out here!


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